Specialty Lending

The financial crisis has resulted in a severe shortage of capital to the lower tier borrowing markets. This inability of institutional capital has paved the way for entrepreneurs to develop innovative subprime lending models that generate exceptionally high returns on a risk adjusted basis.

BWC invests in small subprime lenders that exhibit major differences from the failed statistical subprime lenders of the past.

Structured Venture Capital

Structured Venture Capital combines the cashflow focus of structured finance and trade finance with the high growth potential of venture capital. Structured Venture Capital addresses an un-serviced segment of private equity.

BrightWay Capital invests in companies that have strong growth potential but are currently constrained by availability of working capital or fixed assets.

Private Equity

Macro-economic conditions have created a strong value proposition for small cap private equity investing. BrightWay Capital's private equity investing focuses on recession proof businesses with strong cashflow (potential).

We invest across all sectors, in companies with niche leadership (potential); strong management teams; proven products/services; scalable business model; high operating margins and established profitability.

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Latest News

Nov 24th - New site launched

BrightWay Capital Inc. is delighted to present its new web site.